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Electronics - On Dry Film PCB Manufacturing

Currently, photo-activated dry film is the technique for DIY PCB manufacturing. There are plenty of tutorials available, but some info is a bit hard to get.

  • First, the "you can use a cloths iron" line is a lie, repeated by people that didn't try. Add a laminator to your toolset.
  • Lamination is done between 104°C and 108°C.
  • Exposition takes about 2 minutes on a 25W UV light, overexposition takes a really long time (I could never reach it), so don't be afraid to double that time.
  • Revealing is done on a solution of 1g of Na2CO3 to 100ml of water. It is really fast (1 minute or 2). Use a very soft brush to remove the film residue (yes, you must remove it).